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Things You Should Sell When You Become An Empty Nester

The items you've accumulated over the years may hold sentimental value, but now is the opportune time to prioritize and decide which things you should sell when you become an empty nester.

Things You Should Sell When You Become An Empty Nester

Morgan Barrons

Dec 11, 2023

As children grow up and move out of the family home, parents often need more space and belongings. This may present a chance to simplify and go on a fresh journey. Although it might be a terrific opportunity to earn some additional cash and declutter, selling possessions can be a complex emotional process.

It's crucial to think about what things are worth selling and how to go about doing so as an empty nester. In this article, we'll explore the things you should sell when you become an empty nester.

Selling your possessions is an excellent way to begin this new stage of life, whether your goals are to increase your retirement funds, reduce your mortgage payment, or clear your house. So, continue reading to find out more about the items you should sell when you become an empty nester. If you're an empty nester, you're wondering what to do with all that free room.

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What Is An Empty Nester?

The phrase "empty nester" refers to parents whose children have grown up and moved out, usually to pursue higher education, employment, or to begin their own families. This shift typically results in parents having more space and a calmer home and represents a substantial change in the dynamic of the household.

The phrase alludes to the emotional transitions parents must make as they move into this new stage of life, as well as the tangible emptiness of a house that was previously alive with the hustle and activity of children.

It's regular and anticipated for a family to reach this point in its existence as empty nesters. It frequently occurs during middle age or later, when parents are simultaneously going through other significant life transitions like getting ready to retire, taking care of aged parents, or reevaluating their aspirations in life.

After their children leave the house, some parents may suffer from the "empty nest syndrome," which is characterized by emotions of sadness or loneliness. However, some parents welcome this period of leisure as a chance for personal development, rekindling connections, and discovering new hobbies.

Practical decisions like whether to move to a smaller house, remodel kids' rooms or make other lifestyle adjustments that were impractical when there were kids at home must be made during the empty nest time.

It's a moment for parents to take stock of what they've accomplished as parents and look forward to the next phase of their lives, which may involve less duty, more freedom, and the pursuit of interests that were previously put on hold, like travel or new hobbies.

Why Sell When You Become An Empty Nester

A significant life change, being an empty nester, raises the issue of what to do with all of the stuff that used to constitute a busy family home. Selling items at this stage is not only a way to reduce clutter; other advantages come with it on the practical, emotional, and financial fronts.

Financial Benefits

  • Simplifying Finances - There are significant financial benefits associated with downsizing, such as lower mortgage, property tax, and energy costs. This additional money might be used for vacation, investments, or building retirement savings.
  • Asset Liquidation - Whether a seller is looking to get rid of extra furniture, appliances, or gadgets, or whether a buyer is looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price, both parties stand to gain financially by selling these assets.
  • Decreased upkeep costs - Downsizing saves money not only on rent but also on continuous upkeep, which provides long-term financial relief.

Emotional Benefits

Selling unwanted things is more than just reducing; it's a whole clearing process that brings emotional freedom. This action offers a new beginning for the next phase of life and lessens the emotional burden associated with a home full of memories. Decluttering is a therapeutic process that promotes a sense of rebirth and gives people greater impetus to move forward.

Giving up things connected to one's childhood may cause one to feel nostalgic, but it also makes room for new memories to be created. Eliminating items that aren't needed turns into a conscious move toward opening up the house to new experiences and redefining its purpose.

This deliberate change creates a setting that is in perfect harmony with the stage of life that each individual is in, with a focus on development, flexibility, and the continuous evolution of their path.

Practical Benefits

  • Living Smartly - Downsizing makes day-to-day life more effective and bearable by easing the physical and mental strain of running a more prominent family.
  • Streamlined Cleaning - For individuals who are adopting a more laid-back lifestyle, a smaller living area offers practical benefits as it needs less time and effort for upkeep and cleaning.
  • Optimal Use of Space - Selling possessions enables efficient use of available space, guarantees that each object has a function in the present stage of life, and prevents needless clutter.
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5 Tips to Successfully Sell Your Company

How To Make Money From Your Home As An Empty Nester

Rent Out Your Spare Bedroom

The most apparent approach to maximize the amount of money you make from your property is to rent out one or more of the rooms that you have available. On the other hand, several difficulties arise when engaging directly with members of the public who are primarily unknown. When it comes to house ownership, the following concerns are frequently at the forefront of a homeowner's mind;

  • Assurance of safety
  • the payments for rent
  • The harm
  • Getting rid of unsatisfactory tenants

Rent Out Your Parking Space

Despite the fact that the concept of renting out your driveway or parking spaces has been around for some time, it is undoubtedly gaining popularity. On a number of websites, those who are looking for parking spots and those who are giving parking spaces are brought together.

Additionally, you don't need to be in close proximity to an airport. This may be an excellent chance for you if you reside in or near the central business district of a town or city or if you work at a location where parking is often difficult to find or expensive, such as a train station, a sports stadium, or a music venue.

Rent Out Your Swimming Pool

In contrast to the United States of America, where private swimming pools are not nearly as widespread, they are commonplace in Australia and many regions of the United States. On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your private yard, this might present you with a really lucrative opportunity to earn money.

In addition to swimming pools, expansive gardens might be utilized for the following;

  • Birthdays
  • weddings, and other celebrations
  • Large gatherings of people

When it comes to private venues that provide a spacious garden and a swimming pool, people are willing to pay a substantial amount of money. In the end, what could be a more effective method of cooling down throughout the long, hot summers?

Categories Of Items To Consider Selling As An Empty Nester

Many parents are left with an unexpected surplus of room in their home once the final child leaves the nest, along with an abundance of possessions. This new stage of life offers a chance to simplify, reduce, and earn some additional cash.

When you're an empty nester, think carefully about what things to sell in order to make your living space more efficient and increase your income. The following are some product categories to think about selling;

Furnishings And Interior Design

You could discover that you don't need as much furniture and home decor as you formerly did if fewer people are living in the home. To make room and money, think about selling any extra items.

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How to sell a new product - 6 tips to driving new product sales

The Belongings Of Children

Your kids may leave behind a treasure trove of clothes, toys, and other belongings when they move out. You and your kids can both benefit from a fresh start and space clearing by selling or giving these items.

Appliances And Electronics

You may sell your outdated electronics, appliances, and gadgets to clear up your clutter and get some additional cash.

Outfits And Accessory Items

Your clothing may vary as your lifestyle does. If you have items of clothing and accessories that don't suit your requirements or style, think about consigning or selling them.

Hobbies And Collections

Consider selling or downsizing your pastimes and collections if they no longer make you happy in order to make room and even make a bit of additional money.

Media And Books

Many individuals are trying to reduce the amount of physical books and media they hold in light of the growing popularity of digital media. Things you no longer need, think about selling or giving.

You can simplify your living area, make a little additional cash, and begin this new chapter of your life with a clear and uncluttered view by carefully selecting which objects to sell.

Decluttering And Downsizing For Empty Nesters

The advantages of owning less are instant, regardless of when you plan to have children or retire in 10 years. These are the ones that affected me and my clients the most.

More Space

Your home will seem more spacious and inviting when you declutter and simplify it. You're always up for an entertaining gig. Additionally, space creates a serene zone for your eyes to rest.

Enhanced Effectiveness

A house full of clutter is overpowering. It's hard to locate what you're searching for with all the overabundance. The typical individual loses nine items every day for this reason, most likely—disarray results in irritation and lost time. Simplifying will help you organize your area and find the things you need more quickly.

Improved Mental Clarity

A disorganized area might be distracting. Every area has piles, which stand in for another item on your never-ending to-do list. Being productive and thinking clearly need to be improved by this. Making your home more straightforward and less cluttered can help you manage it more easily.

Happier And Less Stressed Out

An anxious and unpleasant atmosphere is created by clutter. An environment devoid of clutter is soothing and can even improve your quality of sleep. You have more time to accomplish the things you like when your house is organized.

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10 Tips to sell online successfully

Things To Do As An Empty Nester

Travel The World

Why don't you travel the world now that your children have flown the coop? There are a number of creative, affordable, and non-traditional methods to travel the world. Some jobs will pay you to travel. Seasonal resort labor is one type of profession that pays you to go to far-off places.

Travel nursing offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand your passport collection for individuals with a passion for traveling. Are you willing to have a hectic life? Make use of materials such as these that can serve as a gateway to far-off experiences. An added benefit for traveling nurses is that they may choose from a list of possible places.

Improve Your Skills

Have you always wanted to get better at drawing but have yet to have the time? What about that long-held goal of becoming a baker? This is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills or hone existing ones. Online courses and local classes are excellent resources that provide a plethora of knowledge.

Take Up A New Hobby

The majority of empty nesters discover that they have more free time now than when they were parents. For that reason, it is the perfect moment to start a new interest. You may take up painting or gardening, create a podcast, enroll in culinary lessons, become a member of a book club, learn to cook, or enroll in online courses for fun or to complete your degree.

You can also think about picking up a pastime you put down when you had more obligations and less spare time.

Start Volunteering

Investing spare time in a cause you are enthusiastic about is a terrific idea. There are countless opportunities to become engaged and amazing organizations in need of volunteers. Perhaps you'll run a food drive, teach a young sports team, walk dogs at the neighborhood animal shelter, or provide care packages to older adults in your community.

Get Your Finances In Order

As you approach the empty nest phase, your finances can be changing. After years of providing for your children, you can find yourself with more spare cash. If you're helping your kids pay for college, you could be struggling financially.

In any case, this is the ideal moment to create a financial strategy that takes your new circumstances into account. To assist you in creating some financial boundaries and goals, you could even choose to see a specialist.

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Sell Your Online Business - Everything You Should Know

Learn A New Language

Have you always wished to brush up on your Spanish language skills or study Japanese? When you're empty nesting, there are many methods to pick up a new language. Installing an app that teaches you a few new words or phrases each day might be all that is required.

Additionally, you may sign up for in-person or online classes at your neighborhood community college. Consider joining a discussion group that gets together to chat if your English is rusty and you need some practice.

Launch A Secondary Business

Although running a small business requires a lot of labor, as an empty nester, now could be the appropriate moment! Consider first what abilities or interests you have that you might make money from.

Taking up a side project can be done without quitting your current job. It may be as easy as setting up a few hours each week to tutor, watch pets, bake your goods, perform handyperson chores, or put up short-term tenants in a spare room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Financial Benefits Come With Selling Belongings?

Relocating to a smaller house might result in reduced mortgage payments, property taxes, and energy costs, giving you more money for other vital things like vacations or investments.

How Does Selling Provide Emotional Liberation?

Selling things that aren't needed is a potent decluttering technique that relieves people of the emotional burden of living in a house full of memories.

As An Empty Nester, Where Can You Sell Your Belongings?

When it comes to selling things, empty nesters have a lot of alternatives. They can utilize internet marketplaces like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, attend neighborhood activities like garage sales, or decide to give stuff to support charitable organizations.


Talking about things you should sell when you become an empty nester and its benefits When a person becomes an empty nester, they must weigh practical, emotional, and financial factors when deciding what to sell. Decluttering has incalculable emotional benefits in addition to the apparent advantages of organizing money and making a home more functional.

Selling relics from the past makes room for new memories to be made and brings the house into line with the current stage of life. This deliberate shift not only provides financial benefits but also encourages a revitalized sense of purpose and flexibility, enabling people to welcome the next phase of their lives with open arms.

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